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  • Dear Participants, to build a bridge between us and to get to know each other better and the countries/towns we live in or come from, we would like to ask you to upload one of your favorite recipes (a short one) Either from your family or the region you come from, or a recipe that you are connected to. We will collect all of the recipes for you and you will receive them during the seminar as a small souvenir from the seminar.
    1. please think of a recipe that you would like to share with your fellow participants. It can be sweet, savory, something small or big.
    2. Write a new post (in English) with the recipe, please introduce yourself to your fellow participants and tell us, why you chose this recipe.
    3. If you can (please upload a photo of the dish)
    Note: if you are sharing a recipe or picture that is taken from somewhere, please make sure to share the resource! Many thanks! Centropa team
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