Zachor – Remember

They began life as Heinz and Manfred, growing up in the village of Hoffenheim, not far from Heidelberg. But history, wearing a brown shirt, descended upon them, and within a few years, Heinz was calling himself Menachem and was starting life over in Israel, and Manfred became Fred when he moved to America.

The story of their wartime survival and the fate of their parents is what we tell in this story—and how they made the decision to return to Hoffenheim for a visit.

Our film is narrated in three versions – in German, in Hebrew and in English – by Ilay Elmkies, an 18-year-old Israeli soccer player enrolled in the TSG Hoffenheim Youth Academy.

Produced in 2018 by Centropa in collaboration with the TSG Academy, the film has already been successfully used in classrooms at schools in Germany, Israel and Eastern Europe since its premiere. By having a young Jewish soccer player narrating this film, it also reaches out to young people and soccer fans, teaching them about local Jewish culture and history in a vivid way.