Jewish Life in the Rhein-Neckar-region and in Kraichgau

This project brings together various cultural and educational multipliers from the Rhine-Neckar / Kraichgau metropolitan region in order to present Jewish life and Jewish culture in the region in a publicly effective manner and to make them permanently visible. As part of the project, meetings with Jewish contemporary witnesses and 10 practice-oriented workshops for young people take place in cooperation with the Jewish communities. Young people work with historians to create a traveling exhibition about Jewish life in the region and other digital media products.

The aim of the project is to give young people independent access to Jewish history, culture and the present in their region or their hometown by developing modern educational, youth-friendly projects on Jewish life together with experts and helping to shape an active culture of remembrance.

Ziel des Projekts ist es, Jugendlichen einen eigenständigen Zugang zur jüdischen Geschichte, Kultur und Gegenwart in ihrer Region bzw. ihrem Heimatort zu eröffnen, indem sie gemeinsam mit Experten moderne pädagogische, jugendgerechte Projekte zu jüdischem Leben entwickeln und eine aktive Erinnerungskultur mitgestalten.

Photos of Workshops

Photographer: Ouriel Morgensztern

Project Results

As part of the Centropa-initiated alliance project “Zahor – Remembering for the Future” for the commemorative year ” 321-2021: 1700 Years of Jewish Life in Germany”, students of Dr. Kilian Schultes, Historical Seminar Heidelberg, researched the Jewish history of Mannheim in June 2021 and recorded their results on film. They were guided by @geschichtomat, a project of the Institute for the History of German Jews in Hamburg and (jaf – Verein für medienpädagogische Praxis Hamburg e.V.) The three very successful and different finished contributions can be found below.

Le Chajim - Das Judentum lebt! - Die Ausstellung online

“Le Chajim – Judaism is alive! Also in Baden-Württemberg?”

With the traveling exhibition “Le Chajim – Judaism is alive! Also in Baden-Württemberg?”, students from the Lessing Gymnasium in Mannheim are making Jewish life in the Rhine-Neckar region and the Kraichgau region permanently visible. On 15 boards, so-called Roll Ups, they tell the Jewish history of then and now of the seven selected places, namely Eppingen, Flehingen, Mannheim, Heidelberg, Neidenstein, Heinsheim and Sinsheim.

As part of the alliance project “#Zahor – Remembering for the Future” initiated by Centropa as part of the celebratory year “321-2021: 1700 Years of Jewish Life in Germany”, the young people actively designed
actively participated in this regional and sustainable culture of remembrance under professional guidance. The show conveys knowledge about the Jewish heritage of the region and demonstrates that Judaism is an integral part of German culture. It can be used for a variety of educational purposes and can be used in many places: e.g. in schools, community centers, etc. The light and small packed boards are
can be booked free of charge (in selection or as a complete package) at:

The exhibition was developed under the conceptual direction of Agentur für Jüdische Kultur and designed by Cathrina Priem.

Photos of exhibition opening

Photographer: Harald Priem